Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slokas -Stotras-Mantras-1

Lord Venkateshwara With Padmavathy
Hinduism is very rich in traditions customs and we are free to choose any path from one of the numerous ones to reach God. We worship God in many forms. Each form signifies some thing much deeper and spiritual.

Idol worshipping is most common and popular. Following rituals, worshipping idols in many forms, different methods of performing the worship show the diversity of Hinduism. Yet the aim common to all these is reaching GOD.

Slokas, Sthotras (or Stotras), Mantras etc do form part of our prayers and every day lives. By chanting them or saying them or singing them, it is believed we get peace, health and all forms of happiness. So these are included in every day prayers. All these have been written or said by our great sages, Rushis or Munis and are considered very powerful.


Sloka is a Sankrit word. It means, verse, praise, glory, sound, hymn etc. Slokas are Verses usually in Sanskrit praying to various Gods, Goddesses, praising them and their omnipresence or omnipotence, describing them and their powers and greatness. Sloka can be defined as a hymn in praise of The God Or Goddess.

These are written strictly according to the Grammatical principles/rules in Sanskrit and composed to a specific meter. Slokas or verses consist of 2 lines with 16 syllables each or 4 half lines with 8 syllables each. This is the most used form of verses in Sanskrit texts especially epics etc.

I am going to post various slokas, stotras and mantras.....keep a watch on my blog.....
To be continued......

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