Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pearls Of Wisdom - 7

Yes this quote gives us very simple and practical solution on how to lead a happy life. Forgiving and forgetting is the way to a happy life. 

It is not easy. But if we just cling to any wrongs done to us by others and keep on thinking about them, it will only affect us. We build hatred towards those who have done such a thing. As we keep on dwelling, reminding ourselves about the past, the hatred will grow into a vengeful attitude. May be one day we may take revenge. But all this will make us frustrated, obsessed, stressed out. Ultimately these feelings create tension and unhappiness. It is also a waste of time. We can use this time of hating others for our progress, peace and happiness. 

Instead if we forget and forgive, there ends the matter.We will lead a happy life and march forward. That is why all the religions stress on Forgiving and Forgetting. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pearls Of Wisdom-6

This is one of my favorites. When ever I feel demotivated or depressed, I read this quote several times. At such times, we should think of our previous achievements and motivate ourselves, thinking that when we could achieve that, we can achieve this too. Every one has achieved something, despite, difficulties and difficult circumstances or limitations. So we should remember all those things.

Moreover, we should also have confidence in ourselves, that we can achieve anything that we set our mind on. We should have faith in God as well as our efforts in achieving many things. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pearls Of Wisdom-5

This is a beautiful quote. In few words it gives us how to live our life so that we will be content and happy.

Surrendering to what is means, living and enjoying the present. After all the present or the now is what we have in hand. If we don't live and enjoy the present, in no time it will be past. 

Let go of what was-means past is past. We have to forget, forgive all that made us unhappy or sad and march on. If not we will also loose our present with out enjoying it. 

Have faith in what will be means hope-hoping for a better future. With out hope there is no tomorrow. Those who believe in God can have faith in Him and that He will always provide us with the best. 

In short the best way to live is, let bygones be bygones, live and enjoy the present and hope for a better future. This way we can lead a very happy and content life.

A small message conveying a strong and useful message. Don't you think so?

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