Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teekshana Danshtra Kaala BhairavaAstakam

In my previous post I have posted on Kaala Bhairavaashtakam. Now I am posting Teekshana Danshtra Kaala BhairavaAstakam. This is even more powerful. Reciting or hearing to this ashtakam will help in time management, reduce the ill affects of Kali and also protect us from evil or negative forces. I like the rhythmic and powerful way the words have been used in this ashtakam to praise Lord Bhairava:

Teekshana Danshtra Kaala BhairavaAstakam

Teekshnadanshtreti praadhanam bhairavosya devata

Yam Yam Yam Yaksha Roopam Dasha Dishi Viditam Bhoomi Kampaayamaanam
Sam Sam Samhaara Murtim Shira Mukuta Jataa Shekharam Chandra Bimbam
Dam Dam  Dam Deergha Kaayam Vikruta Nakha Mukham Hyurdhva romam Karaalam
Pam Pam Pam Paap Naasham Pranmata Satatam BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!1!!

Ram Ram Ram Raktavarnam, Kata katita tanum Teekshna Danstraa Karaalam
Gham Gham Gham Ghosha Ghosham Gha Gha Gha Gha Ghatitam Ghargharam Ghora naadam
Kam Kam Kam Kaala Paasham Dhruka Dhruka Dhrukitam Jwaalitam Kaamadaaham
Tam Tam Tam divya Deham, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!2!!

Lam Lam Lam Lam Vadantam la la la la Lalitam Dheergha Jivhaa Karaalam
Dhoom Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomra Varnam Sphuta vikata mukham Bhaskaram Bheemaroopam
Rum Rum Rum Roondamalam, ravi tama niyatam taamra netram karaalam
Nam Nam Nam Nagnaroopam, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!3!!

Vam Vam Vam vaayuvegam natajana dayinam Brahma paaram param tam
Kham Kham Kham khadga hastam tribhuvana nilayam bhaskaram bheema roopam
Cham Cham Cham Cham chalitvaa chala chala chalita chchaalitam bhoomi chakram
Mam Mam Mam maayi roopam Pranmata Satatam BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!4!!

Sham Sham Sham Shankha Hastam, Sashi kara dhavalam, Moksha Sampoorna Tejam
Mam Mam Mam Mam Mahaantam, Kula makula kulam Mantra Guptam Sunityam
Yam Yam Yam Bhootanadham, Kili Kili Kilitam Vaalakeli Pradhanam
Am Am Am Aantariksham, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!5!!

Kham Kham Kham Khadga Bhedam, Visha Mamruta Mayam Kaala Kaalam Karalam
Ksham Ksham Ksham Kshipra Vegam, Daha Daha Dahanam, Tapta Sandeepya Maanam
Houm Houm HoumKaara Nadam, Prakatita Gahanam Garjitairbhoomi Kampam
Vam Vam Vam Vaala Leelam, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!6!!

Sam Sam Sam Siddhi Yogam, Sakala guNa Ghanam, Deva Devam Prasannam
Pam Pam Pam Padmanabham, HariHara Mayanam,Chandra SuryaAgni Netram
Aim Aim Aim Aishwarya Naadham, Satata Bhayaharam, PoorvaDeva Swaroopam
Roum Roum Roum Roudra Roopam, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!7!!

Ham Ham Ham Hamsa Haasam, HasitakalaHakam, MuktaYogaattahaasam
Dham Dham Dham(धम् /ధం) Netra roopam, Siramakuta Jataabandha Bandhaagra Hastam
Tam(टम/టం)Tam Tankaara(टंकार/టంకార )  nadham, Trida salata la tam, Kaama Garvaapa Haram
Bhrum Bhrum Bhrum Bhootanadham, Pranmata Satatam, BHAIRAVAM KSHETRA PAALAM !!8!!

Bhairavaashtaka midam shan maasam yah: pateth narah:
Saa yeti paramam staanam yatra deho maheshwarah:

I have tried my best to give the Ashtakam as correct as possible. But I need to refer to the Sanskrit text and make corrections if any. I had a copy but I have misplaced it. I am searching for it.

I appeal to the readers, if they have Telugu or Devanagari version of this Ashtakam can  they scan it and mail it. I am not able to get a copy of this Ashtakam any where else. I would be really grateful to them.

UPDATE 5-3-2013

I have corrected some mistakes and added the Phala Shruti. But I appeal if some one can send me the scanned text in Sanskrit. I am not able to get a copy of the same anywhere. 

 Please listen to the recital carefully and pronounce accordingly. 

Update 6-3-2013

I have received one mail from one of the visitors, who has sent me the Sanskrit Text. 

Luckily, today, while sorting my old books and papers, I got hold of one of the books (old one used by my late father). It has been damaged in the corners (by termites I think) so one or two words are missing. 

The text in this book and in the one sent to me differs in some places. I will have to go through these differences and then I will again post if there are any corrections. 

Update 19-6-2014
I have made some more corrections based on the text I have in a book I mentioned above.
I have added the first line Teekshnadanshtreti praadhanam bhairavosya devata.

Please check up for further updates as there may be some more corrections.


  1. can you please post the meanings of the Kaala Bhairavastakam so that i can teach my children

  2. there are a few mistakes in this ..
    for eg
    2nd stanza 1 st line - it is "teekshna" not teeksha
    6th stanza 2 nd line - it is "dahanam" not dhanam
    7th stanza 2 nd line - it is "mayanam" not mayam

  3. Thank you so much for taking time and pointing it out. I have updated my post incorporating the corrections. I have also now added the Phala Shruti.

    1. i could find the sanskrit script .. i wud be happy if this helps you !! i have sent you a mail with a copy of the same to

  4. Thank you Harsha.
    It is what I was looking for.
    I will make the necessary corrections now that I have the script with me.

  5. I have a copy of Stotra in Telugu, would it be helpful, if so, where shall i send it to.

    1. SIR I AM INTERRESTED IN HAVING THE SAME IN TELUGU TEXT.CAN U SEND THE SAME TO MY EMAIL ID if you are having any special mantras to win court cases can u send to the email
      with regards
      veer kumar

  6. Nivas Thank you so much. Can you please mail me at

  7. could you please send me the telugu copy to

  8. MS Sharma Ji,
    Sadara Namaskar,
    Will you kindly send a copy of this bhairava ashtakam in Sanskrit and Telugu to please. Thanks in advance.

  9. Can you please mail me the stotra in Telugu. MS sharma garu can you provide some insights on the background of this stotra like why this came into existence and which book or sastra we have this stotra

  10. Hello, can you please publish the telugu version or Devanagri version. Thank you

  11. Can you please publish telugu version of kalabhairava ashtakam.

  12. चिन्ता मास्तु...मित्राः ....!

    I m trying to translate this stotram in Devanaagari.
    Let me give some time..
    Thank you

  13. hello Ms Sharma,
    Thanks for sharing such powerful strota with us. But kindly upload its meaning along with the sanskrit version that will be more helpful.
    Kindly Reply

  14. Ms Sharma

    If you have Sanskrit version pls send me to ;

    Thank you very much In advance

  15. it seems people are misinformed. all dravidian langages are offsprings of sanskrit. Please do not consider it a different origin.
    This strota is in sankrit, not in tamil/telugu.

  16. Dear Visitor,

    No one is misinformed. I think you have misconstrued the matter.

    What we mean by Sanskrit and Telugu is the script.

    We all know that this stotra is in Sanskrit. We just want it in Telugu and Devanagari scripts so that people can read it easily.

    When any Indian language is written in English it is difficult to know the correct pronunciation. Without correct pronunciation the affect of the stotra is lost.

    More over not all can read Devanagari or Telugu or Tamil or Devanagari script.
    I think you understand it now.

  17. Dear Ms.Sharma,

    Yesterday I visited your blog while searching for "Yam Yam Yam Yaksha Roopam" Mantra, I was very impressed about your dedication towards divine mantras. I am also one of the million and millions of LORD BHAIRAV devotee. I visited Kasi many more times.

    This Teekshana Danshtra Kaala BhairavaAstakam is a very powerful Mantra; if Lord Bhairav wishes then only anyone can hear this mantra and chanting this mantra.
    By his wish I got that opportunity and I started to chanting this mantra.
    But after knowing the meaning, chanting is very useful and correct also. So, If you send me the English meaning of this mantra, I am very thankful to you.
    I have KalBhairav Ashtakam "Devaraja" meaning and Tamil translation also, if you like I will mail you.
    Please forward me the English meaning of this "Teekshana Danshtra Kaala BhairavaAstakam" Mantra.
    My email:

  18. Thank You so much for visiting my blog and taking time time to leave your comment. Please do mail me the meaning and Tamil Version of the Kala Bhairvashtakam. If you don't have any objection, I will post it on this blog.

    I will mail you as soon as I finish typing it into Devanagari script.

  19. Translate is problem , both hindi and gujarati showing totally wrong translation.

  20. Sharma gaaru I am waiting this in Sanskrit and telugu scripts can u please post it sir
    Phani Sai Krishna

  21. Sharma gaaru I am waiting this in Sanskrit and telugu scripts can u please post it sir
    Phani Sai Krishna

  22. Please give me TAMIL version - Thanking You

  23. I don't know how to type it in Tamil. Because if there are any mistakes, I will not know. Can any one please send me this in Tamil script, so that I can post it on my blog.

  24. Can you please mail me the Sanskrit text of hymn at

  25. I am sorry I cannot mail to any one as I am getting so many requests for this and I cannot oblige each and every one.

    Please down load from my blog .

    Please wait a day or two as I am uploading the full version after incorporating the missing word.

  26. Thank you, please provide the link in the blog after you have finished uploading.

  27. Hi... you have really doing a good job... I am alrady having a Stotra in Sanscrit. I enjoy beauty of its rhythm But not able to understand the meaning of whole stotra... I think me and so many devotees and fans of Lord Kalbhairava will be able to enjoy the stotra after knowing its meaning... so can you please upload the meaning of this divine stotra in English or Hindi.

  28. Hello Ms Sharma....

    First of all I want to appreciate the effort and sincerity you have put in creating and maintaining this blog. I am very curious to know who is the author of this stotra... I have searched a lot but could not find, so if possible can you please enlighten me with the history associated with this stotra

  29. Mr Bhargava even I am searching for it. Till now I could not find it. If I find it I will certainly post it.

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

    I want the readers of this blog to benefit from my posts. So I am trying to post the Mantras Stotras etc as correctly as possible.

  30. Very powerful and interesting sthotram

  31. Can anyone provide it as an mp3 file. So that it would be more easier to learn with ragas and proper pronunciation

  32. I could not find one. Check it on you tube and download it offline. But if some one knows any link to mp3 please do let me know so that I can share it here please.


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