Sunday, April 22, 2012

Save Environment, Save Earth, Save Ourselves....

Mother Earth-We Indians regard Earth as Mother-because it is the earth from which everything and very one is born. We have highest regard for her since ancient times.

She is called Bhu Maata (Sanskrit). The word Bhu is derived from Bhumi meaning Earth or land and Maata means Mother.

Bhu Maata or Mother Earth is considered as consort of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. She is revered and worshiped like we would our mothers who gave birth to us. In of Lord Vishnu, Mother Earth is worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi as consort of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

How much she is revered is evident from this sloka (verse) which we recite every morning when we get up and before placing our feet on the floor.

Samudra vasane Devi,
Parvata Sthana Mandale(Mandithe),
Vihnu patni Namasthubhayam ,
Pada Sprasha Kshamasyame.

Which Means 
Devi(Mother Earth), who is having oceans as garments, 
mountains as her bosom,
who is consort of Lord Vishnu,
please pardon(forgive) us for touching you with our feet.

So we pray every day before placing our feet on floor for the first time in the morning asking for forgiveness from Mother Earth, as She is revered, respected and worshiped as a Mother and touching her with our legs is considered as insulting.

Since ancient times, ordinary, people, farmers and kings respected Mother Earth, for, she is the reason for our existence. When farmers had to dig or plough the land, they would pray to mother earth for forgiveness as she would be hurt by their ploughing. Selling  or parting with agricultural land or land in general was considered as being disrespectful to mother earth. It was passed down to next generation. Similarly kings also respected the land of their country.

But  advent of modern science and technology, instead of improving our environment and surroundings, we have made our lives more luxurious and perhaps more artificial. We have been distancing ourselves from nature and natural way of living. No doubt that it is not the fault of science and technology but the humans who have been using it. In the process we have caused great damage to our environment which is irreparable. Polluting, soil, air, water and the whole environment is destroying natural habitat, endangering many species of flora fauna. Some are already extinct. 

Indiscriminate cutting/felling of trees and clearing of forests etc and so many ravages caused to the natural resources do affect our environment. This is also creating problems for the tribal population who live and depend on forests. In the name of development and bringing them into main stream, we are causing great damage to   those beautiful nature loving people. No doubt they can be educated and lives can be improved. But I feel that they should not loose their knowledge of forests or herbal  medicine or about their environment which has been handed down over generations and should be preserved. they should be helped in improving such knowledge which is unique to them.

Farmers and village lives are also affected by the damage caused to the agriculture due to soil erosion, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, introduction of certain hybrid varieties of crops, and foreign crops, trees which are not native to the region. I am very sad to see that house sparrows are now almost extinct.

The plight of city dwellers I need not mention because it is a well known fact. Health issues are on the rise due to increase in pollution, change in life style, eating habits and what not.

India from ancient times had a good knowledge of various sciences including agriculture, medicine, water divining,  veterinary  sciences, astronomy, atmospheric sciences  and people of each region had their own indigenous skills and knowledge of how to do and what to do in every walk of life. They could even predict eclipses.

I think it is time that we encourage, indigenous skills and ancient knowledge, native trees and crops and our flora and fauna instead of introducing something which is alien  to this land. We can no doubt use the advancement of science and technology but properly related to our native environment and not just blindly following others.

Today That is 22nd April of every year is celebrated as International Mother Earth Day. This is celebrated across the world. You can read more about it here:

The Rivers,

The Sky

The mountains and the earth, the greenery around us all are beautiful and need to be preserved for the ourselves as well as future generations too.

 Still there is hope, there is scope...

Save Environment...Save Earth, Save Ourselves...Save our Future Generations...Give them a safe future....

There is a lot we can do. Very small things but done by masses will definitely mean more. Some of the things what we can do to improve our environment, nature and thus Mother Earth:

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." goes a famous saying.

  1. Do without . Most of the times we can manage without many things. 
  2. Reduce, Use less. If it is not possible to do without, use less. we waste a lot.
  3. Re Use. We can reuse many things if we are a bit careful and store things properly
  4. Recycle. there are hundreds of ways of recycling things instead of throwing them out.
  5. Plant trees or even small plants in any small containers if you live in a flat. Fill up the spaces in and around your home with these green things and see the beauty. It is healthy too.
  6. Place feeders and water trays for birds and if possible for strays.
  7. Don't litter. Dispose off the waste intelligently.
  8. Use natural resources like sunlight, air and other things. This will save money, is healthy and will reduce pressure on resources like electricity etc. 
  9. Start at home. Motivate, family, friends, colleagues and others around you to be environment friendly. Slowly but steadily many  will join.
  10. Write about your success in improving environment or if you come across any such cases and how it influenced the lives in a positive way. Talk about it. May be many will be motivated by reading about such cases. We may get a tip or two.
Lot can be done but it is the first step that takes us there. I have started it long back and am slowly progressing towards saving Mother Earth in every way I can. Are You??????

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