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Mantra For Success in Studies and Examinations

This is examinations time in India. Students are battling with books and notes, last minute preparations and some are already writing exams. No matter how well we prepare, when we are in the examination hall, we should be able to recollect all we have read, so that we can attempt the answers. It is here that most of the students, fumble either because of tension or low self confidence or for any other reason. Some of us do very well in the exams, but are disappointed to see low scores.

Our hard work and sincere efforts are must, but along with it we also need God's grace for success in any field including exams.

So here is a Mantra, which is powerful and easy to chant which gives good results is the Hayagreeva Mantra.

Lord Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has human body with head and neck of a horse. He is pure brilliant white in colour, wear pure white cloths and is seated on a pure white Lotus. He is worshiped as God of Wisdom and Knowledge.


Gyaanaanadamayam Devam, Nirmala Sphatikaakrutim
Aadhaaram Sarva Vidyaanaam, Hayagreevam Upaasmahe.


OM Sri HayaGreevaaya Namaha. 


We worship or meditate upon, Lord Hayagreeva (head and neck of horse and human body), who is the embodiment of Gyaana( wisdom or divine knowledge) and aanandam(bliss), who is the base of all vidyas (branches of learning) whose body  shines or is radiant emanating brilliant (pure) white light like that of a blemish less Spatikam (crystal) 
Hayagrivah Mantra for success in exams

How to Chant:

The first two lines are Sloka. Every day in the morning, after the bath and daily prayers, read this Sloka 3 times and then chant(japaa) the mantra 11 times or 108 times or more. Chant or jaap the mantra through out the day while doing your daily work. There are no restrictions or any rules for this mantra.

Who should do It:

The students them selves can do it. But for more effective results, parents, grandparents or any one can do this on his/her behalf. 

They can read the sloka 3 times once in the morning and chant mantra through out the day as much as possible. When the child is writing the exam, during that period, if someone chants this mantra at home, he/she will be able to do well in the exams. This chanting should be done daily as much as possible on regular basis till the results are out.

Actually it is a good practice to teach the children to chant this sloka and mantra regularly, so that they can build enough power for their exams. 

Here is the mantra in Telugu script.

This sloka and mantra are not meant just for our studies in schools or colleges, but basically for knowledge and wisdom in spiritual path. But this helps in our exams too.

Hope this helps all students and seekers of knowledge.

Update 8th August 2016:

After reading some of the mails I got, I have realised that those who cannot read Devanagari script are confused. The two lines "Gyaanaanadamayam Devam ... Hayagreevam Upaasmahe" is the slokah and OM Sri HayaGreevaaya Namaha is the mantra. 

Now I have updated. Hope this helps you.

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