Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hanumath Pradakshina Mantra

Pradakshina means circumbulation(walk all the way round) in clock wise direction. This is also known as Parikrama.  When we visit a temple we make Pradakshina/Parikrama of the deity or the temple. 

I will take up this issue in detail some other time as there is lots to write about it. 

Now here is the mantra which we should chant when we do the Parikrama of Hanumanji.

Here it is in Devanagari Script.

Anjana Devi is the mother of Hanumanji. Hanumanji had highest regard and love for his mother.

People who ask for Mannat(Vow), promise to do some definite number of parikrama on happening  or getting their desire fulfilled. It can be 11, 21, 40 or 108 times.

It is also a practice to do some number of parikrama say 11, 21, 40 or 108 daily or on specific days like Tuesday and or Saturday (for Hanumanji) or continuous for 11 days, 21 days or 40 days so that their mannat is fulfilled. After their mannat is fulfilled they will give their promised offerings or do the particular number of parikrama.

Even if we cannot remember the above sloka or mantra, we can chant just Sri Rama or Jai Sri Rama while doing the parikrama. Hanumanji loves to hear Lord Rama's name.

If there are any mistakes, omissions in my post- mantra or its translation, please do bring to my notice. I will correct and update. I have tried my best to post it as correctly as possible.

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