Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mantra For success in Competitive Exams and Court cases

Okay Okay. First of all I am sorry for being late. Many people are mailing me for this mantra.

This mantra is for success in Competitive exams, Competitions, succeeding in Court cases and success in general for any work undertaken. This mantra is also for building up Punya Phala or Luck. 

This mantra is very simple:

SriRama JayaRama JayaJaya RamaRama

श्रीराम  जयराम जयजय  रामराम

How to chant this :

Start on any auspicious day after taking bath and your daily prayers. Do it, 11 or 21 or 108 times. Best is 1108 times at least per day. The more you do the more power you get and chances of success will be bright.

Sometimes some people don't want to keep counting number of times they have done this mantra. It is actually a disturbance and distracts us. This mantra can also be done for 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour. First time, just see how many times you are able to chant this mantra in 5 min or 1 min. Then depending on the time you have chanted you can know the number of times you have chanted.

Start doing it for minimum number of times or time that is comfortable and build up slowly. Don't over do it in the beginning itself. Remember when any mantra is chanted-same place, same time, same number of times is advised. 

There are no restrictions for chanting this mantra. It is better to start chanting this mantra after a bath and morning prayers. Then continue it through out the day. I keep on chanting this mantra through out the day and even when I am working or doing something in my kitchen. Even at night when I awake from sleep,  I will automatically chant the mantra. So you can do it any day any time any where as long as we maintain the purity of thought(mind), place and body as we do for our daily prayers. This will become a habit 

Who can do this:

Students or the persons who want success can do this. To support them and build up more power, relatives and friends can also chant this for the concerned person. 

If you are chanting for yourself, while chanting this mantra, imagine that you are succeeding in what ever you want to. For example if you want to succeed in IAS, just imagine that you are writing the exam well or done the interview well and have succeeded in the attempt and you have become an IAS officer. This is called visualisation. The more powerful your visualisation, the greater are chances of your success

If your friends or relatives are chanting for you let them imagine that you are succeeding in your attempt and achieving what ever you want to achieve.

One can do this chanting for building up Punya Phala in general. So that our desires will manifest faster.

When a person is writing the competitive exam or participating in any competition etc, relatives and friends can keep on chanting during the entire time on behalf of the person.

How this mantra works:

When ever we want to obtain something, apart from the money(to buy), opportunity and availability of the thing, we also need luck. This is Punya Phala. 

My Guruji used to say, that for manifestation of our desires or obtaining what we want, we require a certain amount of Punya Phala.

Many a time we want something but we are not able to get that thing despite having the money to buy it, or having the skills or capacity for achieving/obtaining it. Similarly we see there are many people who have lots of money but still can't buy obtain what they want. 

Thus we need ample Luck or Punya Phala to obtain some thing. Punya phala is required whether we want a house, a car, success in competitions etc. 

Actually I don't think that there is any term in English equal to the word "Punya Phala" in Sanskrit. So I have used the word Luck. 

Once you have the required amount of Punya Phala. The other things like money, opportunity, skills availability don't matter. Don't we see some people getting something which we think they don't deserve? But they might have done something in the past or in the present so that they have the Punya Phala.

Punya Phala is the merit of good deeds or dana (charity) or puja or what ever japa/tapa we have done in the past or present birth. We must keep on building it. There may be many methods of building it. But one of them is chanting this mantra.

I have tried this and so did many of others, known to me. They have found this mantra useful. Remember for some it may work very fast, for some some what slow. This depends on our belief in ourselves, God, the Mantra we are chanting and  the passion with which we do it. May be it will work for you too.  

Please do leave your comments, if you have found this Mantra working for you. 

Wish you all the best.....

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