Monday, May 7, 2012


Ramayana and Mahabharata two great epics are very interesting and we get to learn from them so many things. No matter how many times we read them or listen to them, we have something new to learn. 

The rendering of the story and explaining the spiritual secrets, messages and reasoning in every scene depends upon the person, his in depth knowledge of the epic, Vedic literature  and Hindu culture. It is in this epic it is clearly portrayed as to how an idle man, women, father, mother, husband, wife, brother, friend, king, ministers  etc should be, what are their duties and how they should be. That is why it is still popular today and also more relevant.

For Telugu speaking people Brahma Sri Malladi ChandraShekara Shastriji is a well known person. His rendering of Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, Bhagawatam and Puranas and also explaining the Dharma Sandehaalu (reason behind our, customs, traditions religious practises etc) is quite popular. He renders it so beautifully, interestingly explaining the details, the reason or the Dharma sukshamam(essence of Dharma) involved that even the most illiterate can easily follow it.  His command over the Vedic literature and fluency in rendering the pravachanam makes it very interesting. People are mesmirised and sit for hours listening to his pravachanams.

So those who are interested in his pravachanams have now a golden opportunity. Moserbaer has released a 10 DVD set of  Valmiki Ramayanam rendered by Brahma Sri Malladi ChandraShekara Shastriji. This contains the entire epic of Ramayana. It is priced very economically and also packed beautifully. It is a must have classic collection in our library. Imagine listening to Ramayana at our convenience instead of going to some religious gathering and jostling with the crowd there.

This also makes an excellent gift to  our friends, relatives especially to our elders who would love to listen to this. This also makes a good gift to children and teenagers who need to be educated about our Indian culture and Vedic literature. 

I have bought a copy for my mother and myself and also gifted to some of my friends and relatives.......So what are you waiting for......

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