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Bhajans of Satya Sai Baba

Baba Satya Sai's Bahajans are very popular as they are very simple, easy to sing and understand. Baba used to stress on singing those Bhajans which contain more names of the Lord rather than any other type, since Nama Japa is advised during Kaliyuga.

Baba sung many Bhajans  himself. One of the those which I like most is "Govinda Krishna Jai"

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Govinda Krishna Jai
Govinda Krishna Jai Gopala Krishna Jai
Gopala Bala Bala Radha Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai, Krishna Jai, Krishna Jai
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai
Gopika Mala Hari Pyari, Mayi Mira Mana Vihari
Madana Mohana Murali Dhari Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai Krishna Jai Krishna Jai
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai Rama Krishna Jai Radha Krishna Jai
Bala Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai

Victory to Lord Krishna. 

Victory to Gopala-the Lord of the cowherders and Lord of Radha. 
Victory to Lord Krishna, who wears garlands offered by the Gopis  and who is in the heart of Meera . 
Victory to the enchanting Flute-Player, Lord Krishna. Victory to Thee, O Lord Krishna.



India is the Land of Vedas and Vedic literature and culture and the land where Hinduism is practised. Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life where people are free to follow any of the numerous path, practise or philosophy to reach God.

Following Vedic Rituals, Prayers, chanting of Mantras, reciting Slokas and Stotras, observing fast or performing Yagyas-there are many methods of worshipping the God. Out of all these for Kaliyuga the most beneficial method that was advised by our  Rishis or Munis or Gurus was chanting of the name of God known as Nama Japa. When this chanting is musically done then it becomes more interesting and attractive.

Music as it is spellbinding. A Sanskrit Sloka says:
Sisur vethi, Pasur vethi
Vethi gana rasam Phanihi

Meaning; children, animals and even a serpent is spell bound by music. And when the music is used for singing the praise of Lord/God then it is more divine.

The science and art of Music in India originated with the sound OM. Sama Veda one of the four Vedas deals with the subject of music. The hymns of this Veda are sung rather than chanted or recited. Bhajans are a part of our Indian Music system or tradition.

Bhajans are a form of devotional songs sung in the praise of God. They can be classical, semi classical, traditional and even folk in origin. There are many traditions or schools of singing bhajans-Nirguni, Gorakhanathi, Vallabhapanthi, Ashtachhap, Madhura-bhakti or the traditional Sampradya Keertans from South India. 

Similarly different styles of singing like keertans, dhrupad, haridasa, sufi etc are most popular.

Some of the most popular authors since anceint times are, Kabir, Tulasidas, surdas, Meera, Namdev, Thyagaraja.

Bhajans can be singing out various names of the God/Goddess or singing in praise, singing about the great virtues, or from Ramayana or Bhagawata. 

Bhajans are the most popular form of devotional singing whether by class or by mass and till today being much in Vogue. They not only help us in expressing our devotion, but help us in concentrating our thoughts on God and are also great stress busters. Though Bhajans are sung at home daily or for special occasions, people form Bhajan Mandals or groups and sing together as this form of group singing is supposed to be more powerful.

I will be posting the lyrics as well as bhajans of various saints and poets from time to time.

Hope you like them.

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