Monday, June 24, 2013

Pearls Of wisdom-2

I love this quote. How truly said. 

One has to be really brave to stand up and accept one's mistake. Many don't like to own their mistakes let alone apologise for them. But the moment we stand up and accept that we have made a mistake, others will like us and trust us. If we apologise then there is nothing like that.

The first to forgive is strongest. Yes. Only a strong person can forgive easily. Forgiveness shows our inner strength. 

The last part-the first to forget is the happiest is so true. If we don't forget certain things like wrong done to us by others, we will carry it on our minds and this creates stress. It is we who are affected more then the wrong doers. We will not have mental peace and this affects our mental and physical health. That is why "Forgiveness" or Kshama Guna is treated as one of the most highest qualities in humans by all religions alike. 

These three principles if followed will make our lives, easy and happy and peaceful too. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pearls Of wisdom

I will be posting some beautiful quotes, I come across from time to time

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