Friday, August 20, 2010

My New blog

Friends I keep on getting requests to blog  about these topics from my friends not only from India but across the globe. Thank you all for motivating me to start this blog.

So I started this new blog to share what little knowledge I have about our traditions, culture, life style, festivals, rituals, Vedic sciences and literature, epics, philosophy etc-in short our Indian culture. The knowledge I acquired was thanks to my parents and grand parents, my Gurus, my friends and also the numerous books I keep reading.

What ever I know about this ocean of knowledge is so very little. I still have to learn a lot. So as I learn I want to share all that with you.

I address people from various walks of life on and off especially youngsters and children on our culture and knowledge. Many of them don't realise the scientific reasoning behind our rituals or customs and traditions. Many don't even know the basics about our epics. So they make fun of them or just think these are all superstitions. I feel sorry that they are missing out on such beautiful things-moral, ethical.... which help us in leading a life that is righteous, near to the nature and most important of all stress free. Not only that this also helps in inculcating good habits, simple lifestyle and tolerance towards others.

For me Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of life because we don't have any strict diktats to worship only this or that God or Goddess in a particular form or in a particular way. In fact we have so many diverse practises, rituals, traditions and customs.

Friends one last word. If in my posts what I convey is beautiful or helpful or good  it is the greatness of my Gurus. But if I commit any mistakes or goof ups its because of my ignorance or very little knowledge and not the fault of my Gurus. So please do correct me if I am wrong or interpret anything wrongly. I would be grateful to learn from you too as there are many a highly knowledgeable people who know much more about our philosophy and wisdom whether in India or from abroad.

I always welcome your comments, suggestions and knowledge as they help me to grow and learn something new. Please feel free to drop in your comments or suggestions.

Thanks a lot...Keep watching....

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