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Temples Of India-3


Tale of two sisters Vinata and Kadruva:

Now here we have to know the tale of two sisters Vinata and Kadruva (wives of Sage Kasyapa) as this is related with this site. 

Vinata and Kadruva, wives of  Sage Kashyapa wanted male children. So they requested their husband for sons. Kadruva wanted thousnd sons with long shining bodies. Vinata wanted two sons stronger than those of Kadruva. Sage Kashyapa performed Putra kamesti Yagyam- a special ceremony for be getting children. 

As a result of that Yagya, both Vinata and Kadruva became pregnant. Kadruva got one thousand eggs and Vinata got two eggs. After some time, the eggs of kadruva were broken and 1000 snakes including Aadi Seshuvu, Takshaka, Vaasuki etc. came out of the eggs with long and shining bodies.

      Sons of Kadruva and Kashyapa
Vinata was jealous that her sister begot sons before her. She became impatient and broke one of her two eggs. Out of it emerged a man with strong half-grown body-only up till waist. His name is Aruna. He was very angry with his mother as she was responsible for his handicap. He advised her not to break the other egg till it hatched by itself. He went away to become the charioteer of  Surya- the Sun God.

Vinata heeded her son's words, started taking good care of the second egg and waited for it to hatch...

Here we have to leave these sisters for a while and go to the story of Samudra Manthana where the Devas and Asuras churned the Khseera Sagara for the Amrutham.....

Read this in my next post......

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