Monday, April 6, 2015

Meera - Prem Diwani-!V

My previous posts on Meera Bai are here:

Meera Bai' s songs were extempore, that is she sang them. They are called 'PAD'- a simple verse, set to beautiful melodious tunes. The language was mostly Braj- a dialect of Hindi as spoken by the people living in and around Brindavan. These songs also contain, some words of Rajsathani and Gujarati languages. 

Meera's bhakti or devotion is Prem Bhakti or the devotion of love- spiritual and true love- towards Lord Krishna. She thought of Krishna as her Lover and completely surrendered to him. Except for Krishna she said there were no other men in this world. She was so passionately in love with her Giridhar Gopal that nothing else mattered to her.

Her love is devotional love equated to that of Radhaji in intensity and passion.

She is one of the greatest female saints of India whose songs have reached far and wide in India. They are popular in North India no doubt, but they are equally popular in South India too where Hindi language was and is still know to few people. To this day Meera's Bhajans are dear to all our women and sung with loving devotion.

I will try to post lyrics some of her Bhajans from my collection in my next posts.

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