Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ganesha-The Elephant God


Ganesha - popularly known in the west as Elephant God, is the remover of all obstacles. He is the God who is worshipped first-whether we are just saying our daily prayers, or performing some special rituals or ceremonies, celebrating marriages or other auspicious occasions -one has to pray to him first.

Even when one wants to worship or pray to other Gods and Goddesses, one has to first pray to Lord Ganesha and obtain his blessings so that no obstacles bother us . 

Farmers pray to him before tilling their lands for a good crop. Also since his vahan or carrier is a mouse, they pray for safety of crops from mice and pests. Students pray to him before sitting for their studies for success. Business men pray to him for "Subh" meaning good or auspiscious and "Labh" meaning profits.

I am going to post about, Ganesha, his birth, his story, various slokas and strotras and mantras associated with Him and how to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi...

He has many forms and many names..what they are...follow me in my posts......

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