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Temples Of India-4


The Story of Ksheerasagara Madhanam

I am stating this story very briefly for the purpose of identifying the link with this temple site. 

Devas (includes deities, spirits and gods) and Asuras (Raakshasas or demons) -who both were born to Sage Kashayapa but with different mothersconstantly battled for supremacy and controlling of various worlds. Asuras  due to their sheer brutal strength and devious ways and also due to many boons from Gods for their penances,  mostly had the upper hand and used to defeat the Devas.

So Devas prayed to Lord Vishnu for a way out of this. HE advised them to churn the cosmic ocean known as Ksheera Sagara or Milky Ocean for Amrutham-the Nectar/elixir/ambrosia  which would give immortality. But this could not be done by Devas alone. So they roped in Asuras too. They too wanted a share in this. Devas had to agree.

With Vasuki-the thousand headed king of serpents as the rope and the huge Mountain named Mandhara as  churn stick, churning of the ocean started. At the head side of the serpent were the Asuras and the tail was held by Devas. But soon after, the mountain being so huge and heavy started sinking. So they all prayed to Lord Vishnu to save them. Lord Vishnu incarnated in the form of huge tortoise bore the mountain on his back as long as the churning went on and saved it from sinking. 

You can see the depiction here:

It went on for thousand years or so.

Many treasures and jewels came out of it. Moon, Goddess Laksmi, Apsaras (beautiful damsels), Dhanvantari (a physician and father of Ayur veda) and many more came out of it. 

Uchaishrawa or snow white horse with seven heads came out of the ocean. This was the most beautiful, powerful and best horse which could fly. This was taken by Indra-king of Devas. Similarly other valuable things came out of it.

Finally, Amrutham or nectar came out. Both the Devas and the Asuras started fighting for it. Lord Vishnu transformed himself into a beautiful damsel- Vishwa Mohini and appeared between the warring factions. He then very cleverly distributed it to Devas but not a single drop to Asuras. 

Later on the pot of Nectar was given to Indra for safe custody. In Amaravathi, the kingdom of Indra this pot is kept under tight security. No one can enter the place nor can touch it.

I will write about this churning of milky ocean in detail some other time. For the purpose of our legend related to the temple, it is enough.Just remember Amrutham and Ucchaisrawa.

Now we have to get back to Vinata and Kadruva, the wives of sage Kashyapa. where we left them in my previous post.

Keep watching my blog for the next part of the story.....

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